Seasonal Stress

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Published on: December 8, 2012

With end of year festivities like New Year’s Day coming up, many are looking for the perfect gift. However, no one has it harder than Medina Glist, head of Baronet Ebaj’s Goodwill Council.

“Every year it changes,” Glist told reporters. She took questions surrounded by gifts of all sizes, in various stages of the wrapping process. They were piled in groups, tagged to show that they were heading out to various systems in the Kroy and beyond. Glist’s main job is welcoming any diplomats or heads of state that come to Blanco House. But she also sends end of the cycle gifts to encourage goodwill and cooperation.

But Glist’s well-known smile seemed a little less bright as she looked around at the festive carnage surrounding her. “We still don’t know what to do about Kemet.”

After the Skyreed Revolution that ousted Mogul Mubarracks years ago, a number of leaders have tried to claim power in the heavily influential system. Mogul Simor eventually assumed power, stating that he would stabilize the system. Simor also stated that he was as infallible as the massively powerful Kemetian Moguls of old, and that his rule should be absolute.

This wasn’t the best end of year gift to give to Kemet’s people. They had begun their protests in the hopes that they could create a less unstable balance of power. The road to a better balance was a longer one than anticipated. But before Mogul Simor assumed power, there had been a number of successes in creating a system that would benefit all.

Now Kemet’s spot on Glist’s table is empty. And even she admits she’s at a loss. “I knew Mogul Mubarracks for years, so I could always count on his sense of humor.” She had a green bandana – the color of the Skyreed protest groups – earmarked for Mogul Mubarracks two years ago. That idea was quickly scrapped.

This will be the first time she can extend another gift to a Kemetian leader, but she doesn’t know what would be best. “Buying a gift for someone this new is difficult. Aside from just personal tastes, I mean. We don’t know what would actually be useful to him. I was even thinking of barbed wire, considering the unrest,” Glist said, referring to recent uprisings. Simor’s remarks and draconian policies reignited protests in the system, and the protests have driven him out of the Mogul’s palace. Things have gotten so serious, that martial law has been heavily discussed. But Kroy is still trying to extend a cautious diplomatic hand to the new leader. This is the reason why Glist is working hard to find a gift.

As a rule of thumb, Glist has learned not to overextend with new rulers. “It usually takes a year or two before they can… get their footing.” Glist said. “And if they don’t, we don’t want the next person taking over to think we preferred the first guy more.”

“I know that Mogul Mubarracks caused his share of problems,” Glist said, referring to the Mogul’s decades of oppressive dictatorial rule, “but at least he was easy to shop for.”

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