New Shuttle Plagued With Defects

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Published on: April 21, 2013

— Evergreen, Kroy Space. The Loe-Wing Star Dreamer 878 passenger shuttle may again take to the stars following a four month grounding, pending a safety review by the Kroy Shuttle Safety Administration (KSSA).

The review comes after electrical fires and fuel leaks effected shuttles flown out of A Pu-yo 2338 and J-san. While no reports of these incidents effected shuttles owned by Kroy Territory based Moguls or Barons, the A Pu-yo owned shuttle had been flying out of Great Blue Crater at the time. Loe-Wing has worked for the past several months to fix these problems, and is convinced that they have found an answer to the problems.

The Asadian Transport Board (ATB) is currently conducting their own reviews of the shuttle.

The Star Dreamer 878 is a first of it’s kind, using new composite materials and cutting edge fuel energy systems that could make it the most efficient passenger courier shuttle in the Galaxy. The shuttles are in heavy demand by Kal Kerishim and Asadian Territories.

Loe-wing has suffered quite a lot with its 878 Star Dreamer. While orders for several hundred have been placed—and will be produced for decades to come—Loe-wing has already suffered a loss of 600 million credits due to the grounding. Only 50 have Star Liners been delivered thus far, and over-hauls must be made to each of those shuttles before they are cleared to fly.

Rival, Gothal based Spacebus, has already begun upgrading their electrical systems, hoping to stem any problems from the newly adopted technologies they had begun installing in their shuttles.



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