Shuttle Pilot Denied Rights to Fly

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Published on: November 26, 2006


A shuttle crew moving through the Termalaine region of the Kroy Territories had difficulties today after the shuttle’s pilot found himself locked out of the command cabin. The pilot had left the cockpit for a short bathroom break half an hour before the shuttle was to land, and found that he could not re-enter the command cabin due to a faulty door lock. While the first officer—who had remained in the cabin—could have successfully landed the shuttle by himself, the shuttle’s crew took matters into their own hands and removed the cabin door from its frame.

“There was never a risk of danger,” stated a spokesperson for Termalaine Transports, the owner of the shuttle involved. “We are thankful, however, that the passengers aboard never panicked. It could have made the situation worse, indeed.”

Almost every shuttle in Kroy and Bryttasish space has been modified to include locking cabin doors since shuttles were high-jacked and used to destroy buildings in Nueb’ Yol’s TerraBases and on Manhation Station several years ago.

This is the first case of a malfunctioning door.

In other stellar news, Lackly Matin, one of the Galaxy’s leaders in satellite and rocket technology, and the premier astronomical defense contractor for the Kroy Territories, recently won a contract from the Kroy Astronomical Space Association to develop and build a new generation of shuttles. There are currently two variants on the drawing board. One version is a passenger oriented shuttle, while the other would serve as a cargo transport, with a limited crew. There is no news as to whether on not the shuttles will incorporate Kalsan technology.

The new shuttles should be active in fleets sometime in the next decade, though there is no solid date for completion at this time.

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