SiCKLY and Tired

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Published on: December 10, 2010

When one of the most combative documentarians exposes the corruption Kroy’s Health Care System, what are the baronies to do? As Wendell Crocker proves, the Baronage’s only recourse is to personally attack and fictitiously discredit the man behind the truth.


Years ago when a documentary named SiCKLY first came out, Crocker was one of the main schemers plotting to ruin the movie’s creator Miko More. But now, Crocker has come forward to apologize to More for the smear campaign he help to level against him.


Love him or hate him, Miko More is a forceful commentator whose documentaries cannot be ignored. More got his start when tragedy hit his home planet of FL1NT and GC closed down all of the plants.


For a planet that had built itself around GC jobs, the effect was devastating. Frustrated, More filmed the situation in a documentary called ‘GC and me.’ As he showed the plight of the people in his home town, he tried desperately to get an interview with the head of GC. His eventual anti-climatic talk with the GC head seemed to underline the fact that the people in power didn’t care who their decisions impacted.


But it was what happened afterward that made More’s career. People saw the movie and were outraged at the callous behavior of those in charge, and public opinion in GC dropped so drastically that the Moguls had to make major changes to save their public image.


Though none of the new changes helped FL-1NT recover, More saw that his films could actually influence how those in power saw the working man. From ‘GC and Me,’ More built a 11-year career on documentaries that expose how the bad decisions of the people in power can negatively affect us all. He’s won awards for his insightful work on vids like “Laserballing for Halcyon” and “Kelvin 273”


But then came “SiCKLY.”


Health care is one of the great debates in the Blanco House and in other hallways of Kroy power. Who should pay for the health of the Kroy people is an issue that has been debated for dynasties with no real solution in sight.

And the delay has been doing no one any favors. A study found that nearly 45,000 Kroy citizens die each year—one every 12 minutes—largely because they lack health insurance. And many health insurance companies come up with feeble excuses to deny patients coverage for operations that could cause permanent damage or death if they are not given.


More made SiCKLY, a documentary about how indecision on the point of lawmakers and machinations on the side of the health care Company Lobbyists were doing great harm to the citizens of Kroy.


But shortly after SiCKLY was released, reports about More himself began to surface.


People from non-profit agencies like “Kroy’s Health” began to criticize the film, saying the facts stated in it were either exaggerated or outright lies. They claimed that More had inflated stories of Kroy companies failing to provide care, and overemphasized or made up stories of success of OmniCare in the Bryttas sectors.


Because of these allegations, the impact of the film was softened. And in time SiCKLY left the public eye entirely.


Insurance-backed groups created ‘Kroy’s Health’ as a way to legitimize the rumors they spread about Moore and his methods. And Crocker had been one of many helping to drive the smear campaign.


But why did the insurance companies lie about More? Why didn’t they take a page from GC’s playbook, and use the publicity as an opportunity to show their company correcting the mistakes?


Because, Crocker says, More’s research was accurate. He was telling the truth about problems that they had been unable to fix over the course of several decades. They had no choice but to lie and slander the vid maker. The only way they could make themselves look good was to make More and his methods look bad.


Will MacGruff, a well-known political strategist and pollster for the insurance industry had been tracking public opinion of insurance for two decades. And he was one of many in the industry who realized that More meant trouble:

“We were all concerned about [SiCKLY], because we felt that this movie would be—have such an impact that it would really pave the way for legislation to be passed that could be very detrimental to the insurance industry. So it was very important for the insurers to attack this movie as fiercely as possible.”

More has been very generous, meeting with Crocker and speaking kindly to the man who lied about him and tried to destroy his reputation. But even after the lies have been cleared up, the mission More began in making the film is still incomplete. The insurance companies’ lies have prevented More from telling the truth about the health care situation in Kroy.

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