Super-spy Returns to Much Applause

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Published on: November 1, 2006

Film character Brash–Gaines Brash–graces theaters across the Galaxy for the twenty-second time this week. The character, created by the deceased Bryttasish writer Eon Flinging, first entered the consciousness of the public fifty-four years ago in print form telling the tale of a spy and the secret organization he works for. Films followed shortly thereafter, and the rest has been history in the making.

While five actors have previously played the character of Gaines Brash, the current actor, Lanie Clag, is the first blonde actor to play the character, who has changed more than the physical appearance of a character loved by multiple generations of fans.

The Brash recognized by most theater fans is most known for his witty retorts, flashy conveyances, technology, mindless lust, and poses with his trusty side-arm. This Brash will still have a plethora of technology at his disposal, and at least one faster-than-fast vehicle loaded with tricks, but Lanie Clag pushed for a more romantic theme, and has stated that he is not a fan of fire-arms, though it is not known whether or not guns play a smaller role in the film.

While women are still portrayed as beautiful in the film, Lanie Clag stated, “I wouldn’t have become involved in this film if it was just another swim-suit film full of mostly naked women. I very carefully read the script for this film before signing on, and I believe that this film will appeal to a much larger audience of people.”

So far, the outrage that greeted Lanie when it was announced that a blonde actor would be cast as Brash has died down, and fans appeared to have high approval of him when he arrived for the premier of the newest film yesterday on Walbrook Station.

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