Take a Spin on the Wheel of Moguls

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Published on: July 7, 2013

First Mogul Mubarak was ousted by a popular uprising, and now another Mogul has fallen on Kemet.

The Mogul Council of the Kemet elected Mogul Moresee not too long ago. A member of the Saliman Brotherhood, Mogul Moresee faced disapproval and dissatisfaction amid a changing landscape even before he claimed his throne.

With mounting pressure from the inhabitants of Kemet, the military deployed carrier shuttles, closed off the system from pro-Moresee supporters, and seized power from the Mogul. With little choice, Mogul Moresee stepped down, and now is in a military “detention.”

Now, General Sissy of the Kemetian Army has taken control to become the new supreme ruler of Kemet. He assured the rabble that the Mogul Council would create another Mogul Court to manage affairs during a “transitional period” before the next election.

Clashes between the military and pro-Moresee supporters led to over 30 deaths and 1,000 injuries in the violence following the ousting.

At the moment, it is back to square one for the Skyreed Revolution. The Kemetians still do not have the rulers that they want, but have demonstrated once again the tenacity and power of the masses.

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