The Most Powerful Moguls You Have Never Heard Of…

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Published on: September 3, 2010

For the last year, many baronial analysts have wondered where the money for the Kola Spacers has been coming from. Indeed, they have openly questioned who is backing the Spacers, a group that is unusually well-funded for a popular grassroots organization. However, thanks to an unexpected twist last week, investigative journalists and advocacy groups have connected the remaining dots on the Spacer’s funding.

Right before a widespread day of protest by Spacers, the Koch Moguls–the wealthiest Moguls in the galaxy–sent a media alert to a number of journalists. In the release, they stated that they were not linked to the Spacers and never had been. A strange move, especially when no one had accused them of such. Yet Mogul Koch was willing go through the trouble of making it clear – and in writing – that his bloodline had no connection to the group.

"Because you have covered Kola Spacer events in the past," read the press release, "and will no doubt want to cover the upcoming protests, Mogul Koch wanted to make sure you and your readers were clear on a number of facts. Namely, that the Koch Moguls – while proponents of free speech – have never supported the Kola Spacer’s Movement."

Sensing a poorly planned cover-up, the press and baronial media outlets decided to do a little research on just how much support Mogul Koch gave to the Spacers.

As it turned out, plenty.

Mogul Dav Koch, one of the two mogul brothers in charge of the Koch Mogul bloodline, created the Prosperous Kroy Group which to this day directly support the Spacers’ movement. And that support hasn’t been purely emotional. Mogul Dav gave the group over 5 Million krohl during the past two years. The Koch Moguls’ financial records were further analyzed, and blackmail, extortion, obfuscation, and outright criminal acts have begun to come to light.
The Koch Moguls have had a hand in the theft of fuel pearls from Na’Gnasci planets, the dumping shuttle fuel into the watery moons of Planet Minnlis, and the dumping space station containers of high-ammonia waste water all along their trade routes.

Kroy Radiation Poisoning agents fined the company $20 million after they admitted, in the face of overwhelming evidence, that they had covered up the environmental violations. But they’ve not faced a day’s worth of jail time for their actions, nor been prosecuted for any criminal action. Rules and regulations have been bent for the Moguls, in such a way that it proves that they have become decidedly more powerful than the baronage itself. They maintain their wide-spread control through an insidiously quiet regime of manipulation and intimidation which allows them to control many factors of business within the Kroy.

But why did it take a slip-up of Koch Moguls’ own making to draw attention to the special interest it was funding? Most of the groups that support the Kola Spacers do so openly, even if that openness is unintentional. The ‘Contract From Kroy’ group is a telling example of that. On the Alkranet site for the group, banners of various mogul corporations that support it are liberally splashed in between demands for lower taxes on the wealthy.
But unlike their political peers, Koch Moguls’ greatest strength is its ability to move quietly. Every act this conglomerate has performed –  be it utterly legal, or utterly illegal – is conducted quietly and subtly.  Even among those who report on illegal actions in large companies, the sheer size and scope of control the Koch Mogulate has gained is enormous. One journalist who covered the AquaPort Hotel scandal said he had never seen corruption that was this widespread.

And it’s no wonder considering that big and quiet are the keywords to the Mogul Koch’s insidious business plan. Both words have factored into how the Moguls have built it’s monstrous conglomerate.

During the Eighth Dynasty, Mogul Gry Koch created the company around a new method of processing energy from fuel pearls. This new process allowed the pearls to be created quicker and cheaper. But when Mogul Gry tried to enter the massive Kroy fuel pearl marketplace, he was sued and blackmailed by the Pirate Barons. It became so bad that his reputation throughout the Kroy baronies was ruined.

Realizing he’d have to make his fortune in a way that wouldn’t attract the attention of the Kroy Energy Barons, Mogul Koch went to the Confederated Rhosian Union. Rhosia eagerly paid the Kroy Mogul well, in exchange for creating a solid infrastructure of business by using his fuel pearl ideas to fuel the Rhosia. Despite his aversion towards practices of the Rhosian Moguls, Mogul Gry did business in the Confederated Rhosian Union for years and prospered in a way that would have never happened under the Kroy’s Baronage.

In his first year, Mogul Gry earned 500,000 krohl, an obscene amount of money at the time. Mogul Gry’s invested the money back into his bloodline and turned those thousands into billions.

But after working with the Rhosians for decades, Mogul Gry had a fall-out with his Confederated Rhosian Union business partners – the cause of which he never explained. Some believe it was from the horrible work conditions that Gry had to withstand while doing business with the Rhosians. Any Kroy who stepped out of line – personally or professionally – were deported without a word, and their assets seized. They were the lucky ones. Rhosian workers working on these failed projects were often taken outside and executed.

In any case, Mogul Gry returned to Kroy, furiously determined. He began fueling his wealth into organizations that opposed anything but the virtues of power and might of the Kroy territories. And that tradition has continued until the present day.

The Koch Moguls stayed as a pure family bloodline, never crossbred outside of the mogulate, and, in time, Mogul Gry’s sons and grandsons took over control of their holdings. Today, that control rests solely in the hands of the two surviving brothers. These brothers have taken this wealth of resources to rub out any other brothers which might be in line for the family legacy and solidify their power.

These power struggles have expanded the company into a true conglomerate, one that has brought us such household items as LikeRay fabric, Mason’s Paper Dinnerware, and Stainless Floor mats. But the Koch Mogul’s tendency towards quiet harm has even extended to their products.

As consumers pay for the Mogul’s products – and inevitably pay the salaries of the two men at the top – they are also paying for the methods that make them. The formula for developing many of the products contains formaldehyde, a chemical that can be poisonous in large or long-term doses. And despite recent advancements, these formulas have not been changed. And just like the Mogul’s political ambitions to become a part of the Baronage, this veneer of usefulness hides a slow steady dose of poison that is making us all sick.

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