The Occupation of TSL-Law

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Published on: September 27, 2011

The cooridors and modules of TSL Law Space Station are filled with protesters from every walk of life. They call against baronial greed, condemn social injustice, and gather in solidarity.

Inspired by the Skyreed Revolution in Kal, the Occupy TSL LAW Movement (OTM) seeks to bring more democracy to the baronies of Kroy, which are currently controlled by the aristocratic Baronage or by the power-hungry Mogulate.

According to OTM, they are using "a tool known as a ‘people’s assembly’ to facilitate collective decision making in an open, participatory and non-binding manner."

However, the media has been quick to defend the Baronage, calling the protest "unorganized" and "scatter-shot."

All are wondering if the movement can sustain itself or if it has any wings. One thing is certain: the protesters are not leaving any time soon.


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