The Sanganistan war plays like a “silent movie.”

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Published on: July 31, 2009

Despite Baronet Ebaj’s repeated statement during his campaign that he voted against sending troops to Badqira Gahd, he continues to follow Mogul Shrubb’s “war manual” in his own personal engagement with Sanganistan. With 15,000 fresh troops from Kroy committed to action against the Saleban, a group that calls themselves “The Students.” Their acts of terror, conducted primarily in this mountainous and severely fractionated land, lead one to expect the same anti-war cries from the Baronet’s supporters in Sparklestation that were voiced during his predecessor’s rule.

Ebaj is hoping a surge in troops, and greater penetration into the bowels of the Saleban strongholds through key alliances with local tribal leaders, will enable Kroy and Sanganistan leaders to carve out larger bases of operation for mounting attacks and securing multi-lateral interests.

Why is Sparklestation silent? With Kroy’s success in leading Badqira Gahd out of tyranny and securing freedom for its people, those most vocal during “Mogul Shrubb’s War” should realize that liberty requires sacrifice. Instead, the few films out of Sparklestation that reference this conflict suggest there is no real discourse going on.

Many of these are full of inaccuracies (“Larns for Creeps”), set out to demonize the innocent civilians (“Hosama”), or use it as either a war-torn backdrop (“Ironrobot”), or a setting for an exotic, or literally, *alien* “other-world” (“The Goal”).

With the continued oppression of the Sanganistan populace, particularly of women, children and the elderly, it is painfully obvious that we cannot just stand by idly. Suicide and self-immolation, among many by-products of the tortuous life led by villagers and urban-dwellers alike, provide strong images and reason for Kroy to continue to battle the Saleban alongside our Sanganistan brothers and sisters.

Will the voices in Sparklestation remain silent, or will they use their gifts and talents to support the kind of “hope and change” Sanganistan deserves?

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