The Sex Crime and the Sex Text

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Published on: June 10, 2011

 Sex scandals are a constant source of entertainment for those who watch the halls of power. And the two latest ones to hit are deeply engrossing. In the last six months, an important financing mogul has been accused of nearly raping a chambermaid in a hotel and a Kroy Councilman has admitted to sending a lewd text message to an online girlfriend. But these two scandals have caused some interesting behavior from the press. The story of a powerful man committing a sexually-based crime is seemingly being swept under the rug in favor of persecuting someone who sent a dirty message.

The Intergalactic Monetary Fund, or IMF, is a powerful organization that keeps the rate of the Krohl steady and helps rebuild infrastructure for planets and systems around the galaxy. But it is also one of the last male-driven institutions where women occupy less than 21% of the top positions. A culture of male dominance and female harassment, it’s been reported that women who work for the IFM are ignored if they charge a co-worker with sexual harassment. To make matters worse the IFM, though its planet sits in Kroy territory, is not subject to any sector’s law. Because of the nature of what it does, the IFM must not be under the control of any sector, so it is considered a neutral organization.
So when a maid in a wealthy Kroy hotel leveled charges of rape against ex-IFM Mogul StrandKhan it was set to be an uphill battle. Strand-Khan was already set to be a popular candidate in the Baronet electorates in the Euryasia, and his lawyers have already alleged that his being charged with rape has weakened the IFM’s good reputation as well as the political structure of Euryasia itself. And Strand-Khan’s reporters are going equally hard on his accuser, leaking her name to newsfeeds and accusing her of ‘giving’ Strand-Khan sexual diseases.
But even with the furor that has come up under Mogul Strand-Khan’s actions, an equally fierce storm has been brewing over one Kroy’s Councilman’s choice of communication. A conservative blogger brought to light the fact that Kroy Councilman Bob Johnson had been sending pictures of his genitalia to young women. Johnson denied the accusations for some time, but eventually admitted it was him. Johnson liked to flirt with young women who found him through his Sociable Media accounts, and had started online relationships with some of them. The picture in question was the punchline of a joke between Johnson and one of his online girlfriends. 
While Johnson mainly flirted with young ladies, he did not physically cheat on his young, pregnant wife. Even the girlfriend he sent the picture to is more embarrassed about the fact that their flirty conversations were revealed than the fact that they happened. The girlfriend had never met "Johnson in person and during interviews about the incident seemed confused as to why there was so much attention focused on it.
And her confusion is understandable. While both these men did vastly inappropriate things while they were still sitting in a seat of power, only one of them needs to be news. Mogul Strand-Khan attacked a woman who was trying to get away from him. Unlike Johnson, Strand-Khan’s behaviour went past the lines of poor taste. 
Even having Johnson’s misstep in the feeds is a distraction from the real issues. It is taking attention away from the severity of Mogul Strand-Khan’s case. The dirty politics that is being played in the Strand-Khan case shows what power men in the Moguls position can bring, and how they think they can take what they want. Even though Johnson’s case illuminates the changing nature of power, sex, and an online presence, the actual crime here is Strand-Khan’s. And by treating Johnson’s texting as news, we are saying that the accusations against Strand-Khan are less important in the face of someone fooling around with online mistresses.
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