Their Own Affair

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Published on: December 1, 2012

The Perl Taurus sex scandal was a by-the-book Blanco House news blip, even from the very beginning. While it was surprising that a man as established as Grand Marshal Taurus would fall into a relationship with his married biographer, the details of the scandal were sedate. In the Kroy hall of power, it is not uncommon for people to engage in extra marital affairs. But with the news of the affair coming out as Baronet Ebaj’s fight to re-establish himself as the true leader of the Kroy, his opposition is trying to make a simple personal matter into something so much more.

Grand Marshal Perl Taurus has long been an intelligence leader respected by the leaders of the Kroy. A proven spy master and military tactician, the Grand Marshal was admired by many. And it was clear that his official biographer was one of his admirers. A writer named Lola Faygood had worked with Taurus for a number of years, crafting his official biography. While promoting it through various newsfeeds, the writer gushed about the wonderful nature of the Grand Marshal’s work.

However, Faygood was not so giddy about Gita Nelley. Nelley and her husband had been close friends of Taurus and his family for many years. Nelley’s close friendship with Taurus seemed to irritate Faygood to no end. But Nelley thought nothing of it until she started receiving the e-mails.

Faygood send Nelley a series of blistering communications, each directed to Nelley’s relationship with Taurus. As the e-mails continued, Faygood started to threaten physical harm against Nelley if she didn’t cut Taurus out of her life. Concerned for her safety, Nelley turned to another family friend for help. The family friend, a high ranking officer in the BBI, began searching for reasons why Faygood would want to harm Nelley.

Taurus built his reputation on his agency’s ability to keep secrets. So the ease with which the BBI agent found out about his affair with the married Faygood was more than a little embarrassing.

The news of the affair was only released to the public on the morning of Decision Day. As many Kroy citizens were casting their vote for who would maintain the Kroy nation, Taurus’ indiscretions were seemingly buried. And as support for Mogul Romoney’s new plan waned, Romoney’s supporters looked for reasons why. With few other options, they decided to focus on Taurus’ newly discovered affair, and how it could have been used to sway public opinion.

Unfortunately for Romoney’s supporters, there was no hard evidence that Taurus’ personal life would have affected the race. The leader of the Kroy houses of power was a Romoney supporter, and he knew about the Grand Marshall’s indiscretions for over a month. Even with fierce competition between Romoney and Ebaj, this leader did not feel the need to get the word out.

But the serious accusations continued to surface. Romoney’s supporters started questioning if the relationship had somehow compromised national security. There is no evidence that it has. BBI Investigators pulled 20,000-30,000 e-documents from the pairs computers, giving evidence that the affair had gone on for well over two years. But that invasive search has not found evidence of any information leaks created by the affair.

With the security threat classified as non-existent, Romoney’s supporters focused on Taurus’ recent resignation. Wasn’t it odd that the Grand Marshal had to resign? Wasn’t it strange that he did so right before he was set to testify about a brutal attack on a Kroy Diplomacy Satellite? The Romoney’s supporters felt that the release of Taurus’ affair was a technique to remove him from the witness stand. However, that theory was also proven false. Taurus is set to give his testimony about the Satellite incident later today.

No evidence has been uncovered that the Taurus affair was anything more than a bad decision made by two lonely people. There were no sexual perversions uncovered, and no misuse of government funds. There is no evidence that Faygood would have even followed through with her threats on Nelley. For a Blanco House scandal, it has been surprising sedate. Only the timing of the affair’s discovery has made it front page news. And with their discretions displayed so visibly in the public eye, Taurus and Faygood are struggling to get their lives back.

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