They Stood Before a Giant…

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Published on: August 6, 2006

The small TerraBase of Hercules Bay had no sword, no sling and stone, and no magic beans, yet they won a fight waged by many before them.

The  Walton Barony recently bought a 17 acre parcel in Hercules Bay, planning to build one of their massive retail markets. The land purchase was immediately met with concern by a populace that wished to continue the way of life they were accustomed to–small business owners and shops where you know who you are buying from. The Walton Barony attempted to compromise by designing a smaller, more elegant model of their mass-produced warehouse-style stores., but the citizens continued to rally against the goliath merchandise barony.

Today, the TerraBase’s council met to hear their populace debate with members of the Walton Barony. The representatives of the Walton Barony spoke strongly, citing the hundreds of jobs that would be created, the money that would come into the community through wages, and the local taxes that could be raised from merchandise sales.

Only five voices rose from the crowd to join the representatives who would bring a Mar-ton store to  the community of Hercules Bay.

Today, the TerraBase council of Hercules Bay voted to enact eminent domain in order to reclaim the land of their home from the Walton Barony.

The land sits at the edge of Hercules Bay’s TerraDome, and offers a view of one of the Galaxy’s most prized possessions–surface-water. Though this water is highly toxic before refinement, the view has attracted many to Hercules Bay.

The TerraBase council had already approved a multi-store shopping center  on that site three years ago, but the developer changed the focus of the site from a “neighborhood center,” to a “Mar-ton” complex that would take up nearly all of the space on the lot.

It is believed that the Walton Barony will appeal the decision made by the council of Hercules Bay, hoping to set a precedence that eminent domain cannot be used to deny their presence in a community.

Eminent domain was used in this case as an act of “cultural preservation,” and is commonly invoked in situations where there is concern for the interest of a community.

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