Those Mysterious Koch Moguls

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Published on: September 9, 2010

The Koch Moguls have been one of many great yet mysterious bloodlines. Like many before, the Moguls have become skilled at quietly gathering power and spreading their influence throughout the galaxy. That power has come at a great price and has threatened to tear apart the Mogulate many times before.

Over 20 years ago, Mogul Iam Koch tried to expose the corruption of his bloodline. He went on the hard-hitting investigative program ‘24 Hours’ to speak openly about the practices within the Mogulate that he believed were on par with organized crime. Koch Bloodlines’ fuel pearl business was still a vital part of their holdings and well-respected throughout sectors of the galaxy. However, the two other brothers were skimming product off the top: 1 in every 100 pearls went right back into the brother’s pockets after being paid for. The amount sounds small, until you realize that the Moguls were shipping tens of billions of pearls all over the galaxy every day.

The Koch Moguls were shameless in internal documents about the outright theft of their customers. One went so far as to call the skimming ‘The Mogul Koch Method of Trade.”

Koch Moguls have gotten used to getting their own way, and making their own rules when it comes manipulating public opinion on how their causes are perceived. Radiation pollution for example. The Moguls have paid big money to hire certain top conservative scientists to provide them with possible evidence to discredit galactic radiation pollution. They’ve paid think tanks like the Kalien Institute to find evidence of any kind that might support the possibility of radiation pollution fraud. And they are willing to use any proof that is found – or created – to prove their causes as just.

Mogul Koch is not alone in trying to further their causes while taking potshots at the Baronet. There is ample evidence – most recently discussed in an article in the GNN story last month – that the majority of the uber-wealthy of Kroy is using their considerable influence to do whatever they can to fight Baronet Ebaj’s upcoming reforms. The Mogul is certainly not the only conglomerate trying to throw money at people whose ability to reword reality might help them.

But Koch is – as always – taking a surprisingly subtle approach to their offensive. They’ve planted ‘triggers’ in the media to encourage interest in their causes, like the interview with their chosen spokesperson of Dck Salieneri. Salieneri spoke on a sector-wide broadcast, ranting about how he felt it was unfair that Baronet Ebaj’s legislation would bail out people who could not pay for their inflated mortgages. "I’m ready to start a MidSector Kola Space!" said Salieneri, "Anyone who wants to start one will have me as a speaker!"

Within hours, a communications began from a site called ‘MidSectorKolaSpace.’ It had only gone live seconds after Salieneri’s rant, was obviously well funded, and blatantly stated that it was the home of people who agreed with Salinereri’s words.

If someone had visited the site weeks or months after Salieneri’s interview, they might have believed they had found a group of like minded people. But anyone who checked out the saved Gaggle screenshots of the site would see evidence during its development that it was just another one of the sleeper-cell-blogs set up by the right-wing members of the mysterious “Max McAdams Alliance.”  Who, records show, just happen to be supported financially by Mogul Koch.

Will the Koch Moguls reign in these tactics now that their actions are becoming more publicly known? It’s doubtful. Mogul Iam sued his brothers under the whistleblower’s act. After losing in court, the Moguls were forced to pay the Kroy baronies over 25 million in damages. But  when looking at that amount and considering that the Koch Bloodline is still in business and making more than 100 billion a year, the lawsuit seems no more than a slap on a wrist.

And if this is the amount of attention the Koch Moguls considers acceptable when one of their Moguls members sues them, who can tell if anyone who tries to stop the Moguls – politically or legally – will have a chance of doing so.

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