Threats and Intimidation Damage Power Scheme

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Mogul Shrubb shifted priorities and focused on another section of the galaxy this week.

The political figurehead for the Kroy Baronage once again addressed the Saliman system of Ira Ayatol concerning the possible construction of a Doomsday weapon. While it is unknown whether or not Ira Ayatol has constructed–or even has plans to construct a Doomsday weapon– many in the galaxy fear that the new energy facilities built on Ira Ayatol could be used for the construction of such a weapon. 

Mogul Shrubb also recently spoke to the various Kroy allies across Bryttas, Vendel, Gothal and Rhosian sectors of space looking for support. While most of the Kroy Baronage and many of their allies share the concerns of the Kroy Baronage, it appears that an easy answer is far from possible.

While the Kroy Sector is widely accepted as the strongest force in the galaxy, it is only one territory in the five territory council that makes up the Intergalactic Arms Eradication Association. Many speculate that the Baronies of Rhosia and the Baronies of some Asadian systems may cause a stall for any diplomatic solution. In fact, Kroy and Bryttas members of the IAEA had little success with Rhosia and some Asadian systems when they called for a cease of trade with Ira Ayatol until the development of their energy program was cancelled.

The Kroy Barony remains undeterred, however, and boldly proclaimed that they enforce intergalactic law however, and whenever it is deemed necessary.   

The Kroy Barony has warred with two Saliman systems in Kal Kerishim space and has assassinated political figures in several other Saliman systems since Mogul Shrubb rose to power.

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