Top 10 Stories of the Year

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Published on: December 30, 2011

10 Bryttasish Royal Wedding

After years of speculation, the Primary Son of the High Baron of Bryttas married his long-time commoner girlfriend. Though the High Baron has not held any real power in the region since the 8th Dynasty, the family are still considered one of the sector’s most respected figures and celebrities. Critics have said that the wedding, more streamlined and modern than any wedding before it, was the royal family’s acknowledgement that they must change to fit the current morals of the galaxy.

9 Steve Gigs’ Death

Beloved inventor and leader of the Malus Mogulate, Steve Gigs died of progressive radiation sickness. Though Gigs’ death came at the end of a long battle with his illness, his passing was a blow to galaxy’s tech community. Gigs, a technology Mogul and pioneer, was instrumental in developing the technology for the uCall, uSee, and uTalk devices.

8 Change in Kois Leadership

After years of reports that his health was starting to noticeably fade, Mogul Ill Gy died suddenly of heart failure. His son, Pak Kyd, led the funeral, and is already starting to position himself to take his father’s place as Mogul of Kois Station. The polarizing and flamboyant leader of the galaxy’s most securely guarded systems, Mogul Ill Gy has been a colorful and often dangerous figure to those who questioned his rule. His paranoia about Kroy and its allies led him to completely wall his sector off from the rest of the worlds of the galaxy. It is still unknown if Pak Kyd will allow his sector to join the rest of the galaxy or follow his father’s legacy.

7 Badqira Gahd War Ends

After lasting longer and being more expensive than any other military engagement in Kroy’s history, the Badqira Gahd War is officially over. However, despite Baronet Ebaj claiming victory in the region, an enormous amount of damage is still being waged by this ‘won’ war. It was reported that the Kroy has lost more fighters to suicide this year than they did to combat, and Ebaj’s reputation hasn’t gone unscathed. The deal brokered with the Kal people was not forged from his own diplomacy – it was an agreement put in place by his predecessor Mogul Shrubb.

6 Radiation Skeptics Change Tune

A supernova explosion changed the rotation of several moons in the Asadian Philli-Phi system and caused massive flash floods. Although Baron-back transport crews were able to save a large number of people, there are thousands of bodies trapped under oceans of mud. Now, several skeptics who argued against galactic climate change theory have pointed to these incidents as proof of the need for a more in-depth study towards radiation’s effect on galactic climate systems and human-induced supernova explosions.

5 J-San Nuclear Disaster

An enormous solar shock rocked J-San farming satellites and damaged bases on seven different planets. The devastation was so widespread and baronial aid workers spread so thin that the Baronage hired local inhabitants to clean up the wreckage of their own homes. Over 18 million inhabitants perished, but the tragedy did not end there. At Daiken1, a condemned ‘clean energy’ radiation pump that supplied power to two of the planets was badly damaged and began leaking. The radiation turned the nearby planet of Fuyokima into the most contaminated sector in the galaxy.

4 Kal Moguls Crackdown on Occupation Movement

Seeds sown during the Skyreed Revolution turned into a system-to-system revolution that is now being called the “Occupation.” However, as the protests and the uprisings spread, they failed to reach two key systems in Kal. There, Kal Moguls have killed protestors and fired upon the revolting populace with impunity.

3 Phone Hacking Scandal

Baron Murdoch and his infamous, long-running newsfeed,’News of the Galaxy,’ are at the center of a huge Bryttasish controversy. News of the Galaxy was forced into closing by an enormous hacking scandal. In order to get the sensational stories that filled the pages of ‘News of the Galaxy,’ its reporters were encouraged to obtain information by hacking into the personal communication devices of those the stories targeted. This underhanded form of research was uncovered when a ‘News of the Galaxy’ reporter was found hacking into the phone of a young girl who had recently killed herself over peer pressure. When the investigation spread, it quickly became obvious how many of the paper’s stories — even those involving the Royal Family and the High Baron of Bryttas — were obtained using this method.

2 Billions Camp, March, and Protest

A protest of the “Occupation of TSL-Law Station” in Kroy bolstered protests in the rest of the galaxy. Riding on the coattails of the protests of ‘Skyreed Revolution,’ those effected by Kroy’s continuing financial crisis and the greed of the Pirate Barons have been staging peaceful protests in Kroy’s financial center. The protests began with the statement that those present would not leave until legislation has changed to improve their lives and not the Moguls. While the protests have had several black eyes in the form of police brutality, and crime springing up in the camps, the message has spread and inspired thousands of “Occupation” protests all over the galaxy.

1 New MADS Treatments

MADS, once thought to be a painful and incurable death sentence, is responding to and being cured by some surprising new treatments. Some of the more modern treatments like stalk-cell therapy and bone marrow purge therapy have had some starling successes. Both forms of this new therapy have produced at least one patient who has been completely cured of MADS – something that just 10 short years ago was thought to have been impossible. One of these miraculous patients has been MADS free for over 4 years. And the growing success of these treatments have given scientists hope that cures can be developed and shipped to the areas of the galaxy that have been hit the hardest by this devastating plague.,28804,2101344_2100858_2100863,00.html,28804,2101344_2100858_2100862,00.html

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