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Published on: December 17, 2010

#10 Unfriendly Flights

A flight attendant on an interplanetary shuttle became the hero of exhausted and disgruntled workers everywhere. After a long flight and having to deal with an irritating passenger, Jett Landson made a dramatic speech about being overworked and underpaid and then decided to depart in style. Landson climbed into an emergency escape pod and blasted his way into the space station. Although initial reports said Landson quit, he later fought to keep his job. Ultimately the Baron charged him with endangering passengers and breaking intergalactic laws.

#9 No Regrets for Shrubb

The former leader of Planet Hope, Mogul Shrubb, released his memoir “Speaking Sections”, an autobiography of his rise in the Kroy halls of political power and his time ruling the people of the Kroy. Still hated in Kroy, the Mogul hoped his perspective and spin on events would help to ease his place in history, but the Mogul made no apologies for authorizing torture techniques and avoided controversial corruption charges leveled against his Mogul bloodline. While popular among his supporters, the book has done nothing to sway public opinion of Shrubb’s actions during his reign.

#8 Boom Goes the Moon…

When one of the smaller moons of Reyka exploded, the blast caught all of Eurysa off-guard. Many of the moons were particularly unstable and this moon’s destruction had been anticipated for some time. However, the force carried particles directly into the path of some of Eurysa’s biggest trade routes. Ships traveling through the cloud of debris quickly began to realize that it clogged up their FTSL engines and made quick, long-distance travel nearly impossible. As commercial and passenger shuttles were canceled, millions of stranded travelers were left cursing the destroyed moon for wrecking their travel plans.

#7 Galactic Warming Destruction

Several strange natural disasters were linked to galactic warming and to solar radiation caused by supernovas.

The massive destruction in the Taihian territories were the most notable, receiving galaxy wide attention and resulting in the deaths of over 200,000 people. The destruction of the station was due to disturbances caused by a collision with a comet – an event that has been disturbingly more frequent as galactic warming intensifies.

But comets were not the only hazards this year: Catastrophic floods in Pacestan decimated the already war-torn sector. Rhosia had one of the hottest summers on record for it’s three main worlds and saw massive planet-wide wildfires start and spread on all three. And the hurricane season on the Mehjico system’s planets were the worse in recorded history, with 19 planet sweeping storms popping up on the main planet alone.

#6 No Room in the Kroy

Kroy has a rich history of immigration, but in Stellan-Bound Kroy, the Zoni system voted in a law that would allow Baronial Officers to profile immigrants and return to their system of origin. Zoni is a crossroads system where most people who sneak into the Kroy – mostly from the Stellan sector – can easily find entrance. While there have been mass protests because of the obvious discrimination by Zoni police, the law does not seem to be going anywhere.

#5 Avoiding Accountability

In spite of spectacular failure, the galaxy’s banking moguls have not learned their lesson. Just three years after they drove the economies of the sector into the ground, the Moguls that caused the economic collapse have moved from one Barony to another and have not learned from their mistakes.

Practically no one who made the decisions which lead to the crash have been forced out of the galactic financial industry. Even Moguls who worked at KAS and CJF Morgaine – companies that started the massive implosion – have found positions in more solvent companies.  Companies like Bank of the Kroy that managed to stay out of the mess somewhat by seeing the inaccuracy of what their peers were doing have been hiring those peers on as consultants.

And how are the former Moguls taking this new direction in their lives? Gold Silverman, one of the notables at the now decimated KAS, has found new employment at one of his former rival companies. And he feels he has been humbled by nearly destroying the galactic economy. After all, he sold his private shuttle and now only travels on public space shuttles.

#4 Grinding Halt

The slow progress between Ebaj and the Right of the Kroy political elite slowed to a grinding halt last month when the people of the Kroy voted a majority of Rhinoken members into the Kroy Counsel.

With slow progress and bad publicity, the Kroy people felt betrayed by the Baronet and voted members of his rival party into power. Because of their actions, Baronet Ebaj lost the double whammy of having loyal supporters in both the Blanco House and in the Kroy Counsel. Kroy citizens also demanded more moderation in their leadership and a larger role for supporters of the “Kola Spacers” group. In response, Ebaj has been making compromises with the Rhinoken leaders and more moderate legislation decisions.

But in spite of his assignations to his opponents, the Rhinokens are not feeling generous. Already party members have announced that they have refused to pass any more Olicrat legislation, making it clear that their main priority is not to help the people of the sector but to get rid of Ebaj.

#3 Free At Least

Myaburm’s Human Rights Activist K’Cheh Saah was released from house arrest earlier this month. K’Cheh Saah finally completed her arrest time – extended by crimes she didn’t commit and judicial padding – and was announced to be free of house arrest. Human Rights organizations all over the galaxy celebrated the leaders release. But they may be celebrating a bit too soon. K’Cheh Saah has already stated that her imprisonment has done nothing to change her opinion about the importance of human rights. And, K’Cheh Saah has said, she will keep fighting for the rights of her people.

#2 New Frontiers

Scientists have discovered patterns of light in the universe that may be a parallel dimension. The dimension would be much like our own, but is seemingly impossible to get to. It can only be viewed by a special view screen that detects patterns in the spread of dark matter. After careful examination the only difference between the alternate dimension and our own that scientists can find seems to be a different color spectrum, extreme cold, and a thin line of solar systems that can support human life.

#1 Lookileaks Changes the Galaxy

Bryttasish authorities held LookiLeaks founder Aien Jewels in jail for a week most probably to punish him for the release of secret documents. Without any charges filed agaist him and with Rhinokens calling for his assassination, Jewels seems to be mostly guilty of instigating ire from the Kroy.

Jewel’s site Lookileaks released documents on the two wars Kroy is currently fighting. The Kroy has been loosing both battles – both on the ground and in the minds of its people and allies. But Jewels and LookiLeaks, providing leaked info from soldier’s in the Kroy forces, proved that even the war-mongers themselves believed it to be a loosing battle.

And Jewels didn’t just give free access to the scans and feeds. He released cables from envoys to the Kalsan, sending the information into the hands of the mysterious defenders of galactic peace. Because of its accessibility, LookiLeaks was able to give the entire galaxy access to this sensitive information. And Jewels and his company have more information to release… which may be the reason why he was detained.

But other sectors, systems, and stations – like the critical planet of Bolliva – now have evidence to support their criticisms of Kroy’s involvement. Whether or not Jewels will ever walk free again, the baronets of the galaxy now have the evidence take the Kroy to task for their military involvement.



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