Tueri Benedict XVI Holds Conference

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Tueri Benedict XVI held his first official ceremony this Thursday.

For his first act the long silent Tueri titled 15 new Redling officers who will become ambassadors of the Haelen Philosophy across the galaxy. Their main duty is to strengthen communication within the Philosophical Community behind boarders typically closed by the diverse Heritage and Philosophies of the galaxy.

There are now 193 Redlings in the philosophical hierarchy, and there is now a Redling from almost every major planet and space station in the galaxy. Each Redling has a power of vote in regards to the law and philosophy of the Haelen Philosophy, though they often live in places that have laws that are very different from their philosophical belief.

The new ambassadors were named mostly from smaller, less populated sectors of the galaxy, though several well known Haelen Philosophers were also named new protectors of the word. 

Archrook Seene O’Miley, the man who had been responsible for cleaning up child-abuse cases involving Haelen philosophers from Great Blue Crater was named a new Redling, as was Archrook Stanzy Wixki, the long time secretary of the recently deceased Tueri, Jho-Po II.

Of the Redlings from the smaller sections of the Milky Way Galaxy, most hail from Asadian and Stelan sectors of space. 

Tueri Benedict XVI also held his first closed-door meeting to plan which matters should be attended to by the Haelen Philosophical Community. It appears he intends to keep with his early promise to consult the Haelen leaders with each great philosophical matter facing the Great Haelen Philosophy.

While not all the details of the matters discussed have been made known to the public, the matters discussed have been.

Tueri Benedict XVI opened with a discussion about the parallel between the Kroy/Kal Kerishim conflict and the Haelen/Saliman ideological battles, then moved onto discussions that concerned the possibility of reconciling with a diverged group that had once shared the beliefs of the Great Haelen Philosophy. The third topic of interest was the expansion of Haelen philosophers into Asadian space, which could explain the large number of new Redlings from Asadian Space.

Tueri Benedict XVI stated that his biggest priority is philosophical freedom throughout the galaxy.

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