Violence Escalates Across Galaxy

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Published on: August 26, 2006

This week ends with what is perhaps the most troubling news in several years, as regions across the galaxy appear to be pushing boundaries and testing their wings.

The week began with signs of war in the Asadian Territories, as Kois Station launched seven Erroding II missiles across space towards J-San, A Pu-yo, and neighboring regions. Kois Staton has been involved in a very lengthy, unsuccessful multi-territorial peace-talk with delegates of their once connected neighbors from Koith Station, as well as diplomats from Rhosia, Red Star, J-San, Kroy, and many of the regions around the Eurysan Territories—all whom wish to see Kois Station cease their attempts of constructing a doomsday weapon.

While talks with members from Kroy and several of the Eurysan based territories have faltered, things had appeared to be going well between the delegates from Koith Station, Red Star, and Rhosia.

While it is only speculation, Kois Station may have fired one missile for each member of the peace committee, and one for their own region.

Regions of the Kroy Territories are especially nervous, as it is believed that the Erroding II missiles may be capable of reaching Mari.

It is well known that Kois Station has an intense dislike of all the Kroy baronies.

As the week progressed, focus shifted from Kois Station to the Kal Kerishim Territories, with all eyes on the Gieish regions, which are currently trading short range missiles with their Saliman neighbor to their upper boarder, Lishbanish.

The war apparently started when Lishbanish terrorist militants took two soldiers stationed at Azotus Station while they were patrolling space between the two regions.

Azotus Station immediately retaliated against Lishbanish authorities—which Azotus Station believes is “light” against terrorist organizations based in its boarders—sending a volley of missiles at their enemy. While it is unknown at this time who exactly fired retaliation shots, several small missiles have been launched back at Azotus Station from Lishbanish.

By day two, each side had traded over two dozen missiles, and Lishbanish found itself blockaded by shuttles from Azotus Station, and soldiers who have cut off land entrances to many of the major TerraBases in the Lishbanish regions of space.

Neighboring regions of the Kal Kerishim space have stated that there would be harsh penalties is Azotus Station were to attack them, even accidentally. Leaders from Ira Ayatol, who have been in the news recently for their progress towards the construction of doomsday weapons, stated that they would assist any Kal Kerishim region attacked by Azotus Station, or any region where the Gieish Philosophy is practiced.

Lishbanish leaders have already contacted the Elite for assistance, though it appears that any aid will do little to fix the social damage already caused by this skirmish.

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