Vision of Change

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Published on: April 29, 2011

With so many in NewsFeeds playing following the leader, it’s become harder to track down sources and discover the truth within the news. And the recent fabrication of an insulting statement from a Kroy Baronet has proved that someone with an agenda can use a news source to do a great amount of damage with very little effort. It takes a group like Vision of Change to do the research and find the reality in the story. But even when the truth is discovered, how can you retract a lie that has been repeated and repeated until it is assumed to be fact?

Areit Drew made his living on the Foxy News NewsFeed through an opinion piece show that ranted and raved against the actions of anyone who favored Baronet Ebaj’s policies. One such target was Leyi Sorrehs, a small-time counsel member of a system in lower Kroy.  Sorrehs’ job was to oversee policies that aided hydroponic farmers and creep herds in her sector. Sorrehs loved her job and gave an interview praising the farmers and herders she worked with everyday. Drew  – motivated either by a hated of Ebaj’s policies or childish sadism – took Sorreh’s positive interview and edited it. The result was a new interview where Sorrehs lambasted the same farmers she praised and stated it was OK to discriminate against them. Drew  took his new work of fiction and posted it on a Foxy News UTube page and on the Foxy News NewsFeed.

Sorrehs’ career quickly took a nosedive. Her fellow counsel members and members of the public – believing the edited interview to be real – began discriminating against her as she had supposedly discriminated against the farmers. Things got so bad that Sorrehs eventually resigned her post as counsel member. But even after she had left her job, people throughout the system still believed her to be prejustice. She was not able to get a second job, because of how badly her name had been soiled.

And then the full interview – uncut and unedited – finally surfaced.

The organization behind this revelation was ‘Vision of Change’. This watchdog group has dedicated themselves to fighting against those who use discrimination as a reason to attack. When they heard of Sorrehs’ supposedly discrimitory statements, they were one of the few people who actually researched if it was true. They spoke to the farmers and herders Sorreh’s worked with, and found that she had formed life-long friendships with most of them. They discovered her good works towards the working people of the system, and all the positive change she had affected on a group that she supposedly hated. And it was through their efforts that the real story finally came out.

NewsSources who had repeated Drew’s story printed retractions and issued apologies. The Blanco House offered Sorrehs a small position on their staff as compensation for her troubles. Glenn Peck, a Foxy News pundit who swore by Drew’s version of the events was fired by the newssource. And public opinion in Sorrehs home system began to slowly turn in her favor.

Drew has refused to take the video down, despite Vision of Change’s research finding clear evidence of his wrong-doings. But he may not have a choice. Sorrehs is suing him, and Foxy News, to get the video taken down.

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