Voices of the Former Dead

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Published on: July 9, 2010

Immanuel Jai — the self-titled ‘Son of War’- is one of the loudest voices calling for the end of outbreak of Dumizi solders across the galaxy.

Jai, an ex-Dumizi himself, is the most notable spoken word artist and activist to emerge from the ranks of the zombie like gangs dubbed Dumizis. After his family members were raped, killed, and tortured by the Dumizi soldiers of a Saliman Mogul, Jai joined a rival Haelan Mogul at a very young age in order to get revenge. After years of being trained to kill and fed Dima—a drug with violent side effects–Jai found himself in war zones where he transformed into a Dumizi. As a Dumizi, his gang would kill anyone that stood in the way of their vengeance. But as the situation grew desperate, Jai tried to wean himself off of Dima and escape.

The story of Jai being trapped on a desert planet before his eventual escape is one of the most engrossing parts of his shows. With supplies cut off from the 400 soldiers in his gang, many were going through psychotic withdrawal symptoms as years of dima tried to work itself out of their bloodstreams. With food quickly going low and the climate becoming intolerable, many of his fellow Dumizis began to turn to cannibalism as a way to sate their bloodlust and physical hunger. Although Jai did not give into the cravings himself, he considered them, even begged a dying friend to let him be eaten. If help had not come to the group, Jai confesses he would have killed and eaten his friend. Jai’s desperation is understandable- he was one of only 60 survivors of the ordeal.

But Jai’s story, unlike many former Dumizis, did not end in tragedy. Ella MkLune was an aid worker fighting to bring education to Jai’s people in the hopes that an educated public would be more likely to rebel against the Moguls and warlords exploiting the children. Jai was adopted by Ella and removed from the war zone. After she died in a car crash, Ella’s friends made sure that Jai continued with his studies–and that education was the young ex-fighter’s ticket to new worlds.

But Jai was not alone. While conditions for young Dumizi soldiers is often fatal, many have left the ranks and taken the fight for their rights and the rights of people like them to places with a much larger impact.

Maeli Hebb wrote his best-selling book ‘Home a long way gone’ about his experiences as a Dumizi soldier. Not only was Hebb’s experience just as brutal as Jai’s, he stated that some Dumizi solders were asked to kill members of their family to prove their loyalty. And there are hundreds more, like ex-Dumizi Cal Sot Kut, have simply allowed themselves to be interviewed and allowed the world to see what happened to them.

For many, being this honest about horrific events from their past is difficult. But each of these Dumizis-turned-activists say the same thing. It is telling their story, and getting the word out that Dumizis are still being made from their peers, is one of their greatest motivators.

Anyone affected by these Dumizi armies must go through counseling to transition back into civilian life. Their health must be recovered, and their state of mind must be restored. And speaking out is helping many to heal their spirits.

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