Welcomed Celebration in the Mix

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Published on: May 30, 2009

In this time of planetary trials and tribulations, Kroy has to find ways to satisfy themselves in an ordinary everyday atmosphere. Whether it’s watching our favorite athletic team win the title game or enjoying a play or an opera, we need to remain, in some ways at least, “normal.” The kinds of things people do to relax and take some focus off of what’s going on behind closed doors permits us to have some balance in our lives and to take our mind off of what we may not be able to control. One example: come rain or shine, we know where the people are going to be this weekend.


“This is a once in a lifetime experience to come out and see all your favorite bands in one day,” say Kevin Franzen. “You never know if they’re going to be around in a year.”


The Wellbone Event celebrates camaraderie and togetherness in an all-out musical landscape. The founder and brainchild of the event is Bob Deed, the ex-drummer for Alexis. He fantasized 43 years ago that the amount of great music being made here in all parts of the region should be made available to one audience on one spectacular day. And he went after his dream with a passion. In one month, he rallied some forty bands to play on three stages all day and well into the night and since then; it’s been an annual summer tradition for all the people of Kroy. It’s status has grown to an extent that it is more than a musical celebration; it is a celebration of life itself. The citizens of Kroy plan their lives around it in order to make sure they can attend.

“If they weren’t coming to play this year I’d definitely be devastated” says one die hard fan speaking about the breakout group, The Hurns This is a band that have been together for five years and are one of the most popular
groups throughout the underground punk rock scene on the entire planet. They are just one act taking the stage at this year’s Wishbone event. The happening is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of fans, groupies and,
of course, record executives. Dr. Dekin, Hassmouth and Venon are also some of the major acts to marquee at this years affair.


The actual music is scheduled to start at noon, but thousands arrive hours early to party on the dunes nearby. There are some enthusiasts who have made the day a sort of holiday and go all out in lavish costumes and eye catching clothes. Some people prefer to set up makeshift tents and set up camp for the day. One couple, in their fifties said they look forward to The Wishbone all year. They have been coming for over twenty years.


“When the sun’s out and you’re with your friends and you’re smiling, what more could you ask for?” a loosened up Tom Wales informs me.

Over the large concert hall on the south side of the TerraBase, sixty-one bands and acts will perform and rip a new hole in to the history of the music industry. Most bands know that if there is a time to get noticed by a major record label out there it’s here, in front of an enormous crowd, where they need to shine. 80% of all popular signed bands getting rich and prospering today were picked up after impressing a talent scout at the event. It’s been this way for years. The fat fish dangle a little bait to try and catch the giants.


“I know there are going to be guys out there ready to sign checks. It puts a little pressure on the band for sure”, explains Robby Rallo, bassist for The Dirty Boot. “The music business lives for days like these because not only do we get to play for our fan’s, but we also get to showcase our talent.”


Last year entertainment moguls, Alumbia Records, signed F.H. Huit, a band that made it to the top and sold over 20 million records around the galaxy with their signiture song ‘a planet of my own’ leading the way. Many bands break up or fall apart, but twice as many are formed and their primary goal is to make it on to one of Wishbone’s Stages.


Up until that time all the smoky bars and clubs are practice or ‘paying your dues’ as they say it in the music business. Once a band has played enough shows to develop a following and a fan base then they may be chosen to take
the big stage.


During the day thousands of people are scattered the grounds eating, drinking and being merry. The bands take turns on the 3 huge stages built on 3 sides of the field and those who care to release their energy in other
forms of celebration.


This tradition of celebration is needed when things are good and even more so when things aren’t so good. With all the activity and stresses the day can bring a guy sometimes you need a something to rattle it out of your head. We all know our roles, but for one day; thousands will gather, befriend each other and enjoy a little rest and relaxation with a lot of celebration.

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