What’s “brewing” at the Blanco House?

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Published on: August 7, 2009

Recent polls indicate Baronet Ebaj’s popularity with Kroy citizens is suffering significantly, stymieing his plans for healthcare reform. With this item at the top of his political agenda, he is certain to feel the sting as public opinion penetrates even further into his administration’s vast and enormous efforts to fulfill campaign promises of providing “hope and change.”

A sharp decrease in voter support was noted this past week after Baronet Ebaj’s controversial press conference. As he was wrapping up his latest healthcare “infomercial,” a reporter asked a question off-topic about the handling of a situation by police in Camtuahed involving Professor Lokt Durs, a friend and former colleague of the Baronet’s from Blowhard Law School. Durs and a friend were trying to get into his home one evening last week after finding they were locked out. A suspicious and very concerned neighbor called the police, who responded to the “attempted break-in.”

The Professor, who is of Terra-Kroy descent, was able to produce identification to clear up the matter, but not content to let it go at that, he became belligerent and abusive. Durs was charged with disorderly conduct and promptly arrested by Baronial Officer Bitha Ruleyz, the only officer of the three who responded.

The incident led to a public outcry, culminating in Ebaj’s ill-fated response to the press that the officer acted “stupidly.” He made the criticism despite his own admission of speaking “without knowing all of the facts.”

In his attempt to interject himself into the situation and appear “Mogulicious,” Ebaj miscalculated his celebrity appeal, and was strongly rebuked for his comment by both supporters and opponents alike. In an effort to weasel out of this tight political spot, he invited his former colleague and the police officer who arrested him to the Blanco House to discuss the matter “over a beer.”

While Ebaj’s followers have praised his attempt to mediate tension, critics remain steadfast in their contention that the Ebaj inflamed an already over-heated situation, and his call for a meeting, dubbed the “beer summit,” was just another self-aggrandizing political ploy.

Mogul Gaffi Blaber was invited to join the group, presumably to ease the tension. Given Blaber’s penchant for diplomatic blunder, the summit seemed more like a three-ring circus, with Ebaj the inexperienced Ringmaster.

And just what did we learn from this summit? The choice of beer by each of the four “muggers” was telling.

Choosing a “Bub Light,” with its “Hey Bub” slogan, Mogul Ebaj hoped to give the impression that he’s just a likeable, “regular guy.”

Blaber, whose recent compliments to local “babes” during a trip to the Uplain garnered him a firm slap by the media, chose a “Swashbuckler.”

“Red Star” was perfect for Durs, given the characteristic depth and snob-appeal often chosen by connoisseurs of fine Scotch.

Finally, the arresting officer chose a “Blue Suit,” typical of a trendy guy who likes to dress sharply–this one in uniform and full of confidence.

Overall, the episode was a reminder of the “elephant in the room,” namely the fragility of relations in Kroy. Other recent events, including the last Baronet Coronation and the death of Kroy music icon, Peetre Paan Munwauker.

Did the summit bring things to a “head” and smooth them over, or was the result just another “strange brew” that won’t cure any of what “ails” Kroy?

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