Which new Divine will have his finger on the button that may blow up the universe?

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Published on: July 17, 2009

When it comes to education, even the most dangerous tyrant knows to send his protege to an incubator of innovation only found in the capitalist free world to seek knowledge and wisdom. The son of Mogul Ill Gy, Dear Leader of Kois Station, attended such an institution some rotations ago, and has emerged as a contender for the fragile despot’s throne, while millions of Kois citizens starved to death.

At death’s door, Mogul Ill Gy needs to pass the torch quickly to a new trusted Leader who will also have his hand on the “Reset button of Kois” doomsday devices. Kroy has defense systems in place, but the Kois program of combining long-range capability with their doomsday devices poses a newer and more serious threat to all stations in the Asadian Territories.

The potential damage, coupled with a lack of real information about Kois’ internal politics and activities, has concerned many who rely on Kroy for their major source of protection both from a military and diplomatic standpoint.

Is the “Son of Ill Gy” as crazy as his father? The jury is still out on this subject, as the true identity of the student registered at the Intergalactic School of Holi Chies as “Pak Kyd” is still unknown. No one will talk, given the long hand of Mogul Ill Gy, who can decimate a life more quickly than you can say loony-toon.

Will Pak Kyd be the next Leader of Kois Station? Only time will tell, and for Mogul Ill Gy, it’s running short.

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