Who Ya’ Gonna’ Subpoena?

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Published on: May 19, 2013

Baronet Ebaj sited “baronial security” as a defense for a secret subpoena of GAP com records. Nearly 100 reporters from the Galactic Associated Press had a list of all of their com calls — including personal home messages — seized by the Kroy Barony. The investigation may have been part of a Kroy Baronage probe into a leak of news regarding a foiled terrorist plot on the anniversary of Mogul Ehaj Bin Hana’s death.

Baronet Ebaj has been very aggressive in cracking down on leaks, and has prosecuted more moguls for confidential leaks than all the prior leaders of Kroy combined. Now, it seems, a line has been crossed, and the outrage has led some to call for reforms. In response, Baronet Ebaj has reintroduced some legislation that may protect reporters from revealing their confidential sources in the future.

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