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Published on: November 7, 2008
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Ruling government body comprised of various baronies across the Milky Way Galaxy. Multi-tiered class system of the Milky Way Galaxy, in which lower-class workers develop and expand the territories owned by the owning baron or baroness.

The baron or baroness is at the top of the social system, followed by the blood relatives and baronets. The inhabitants of a barony are at the bottom of the social strata.

The Baronage lineage stems from the original inhabitants of Earth’s Moon. These families were the wealthy and the elite of world, and ironically were the very people who could have stopped the environmental ruin of the planet.

The Baronage is responsible for the Terra Restorative Initiative. The Terra Foundation is devoted to restoring Earth to its former splendor. In order to restore the Earth, certain pieces of equipment must be built from the materials of the Galaxy. Once all these pieces are in place it will take many generations to revive the Earth.

It is in this crusade that the barons and baronesses go to war. They carry the banner of the Foundation but only pay it lip service. Thousands of the crews work day in and day out to create the equipment, only to have it destroyed in a surprise raid by a rival Baron.

And so the polluted Earth continues in ruin.

*Baronial Titles*

Baron Baroness – supreme military leader and ruler of a Barony and its associated Systems. A member of the Baronage.

Baronet – a blood relative, close relation, or personal ally of a Baron or Baroness that oversees the executive decisions of a planet, space station or principality.

The following lower titles refer to a planet’s elected officials that change every few years.

Kavaliro – ceremonially inducted baronial superior devoted to the service of the Barony. (e.g. Kavaliro de Mari; Kavaliro de Er Ge)

Sinjoro – an elected office of prestige responsible for daily duties and maintenance of one facet of the Barony. (e.g. Sinjoro de Waterworks; Sinjoro de Public Relations)

Officer – military elite rank guard of the Barony. (e.g. Baronial Officer)

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