Citadel Siege

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Published on: January 18, 2010
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The Citadel Siege, often referred to simply as the Siege, was a series of laws which prohibited the use of mercenaries. The employment, transportation, trading, harboring, or support of mercenaries was strictly prohibited. Many baronies enforced these laws with violence and police crack-downs. The first half of the 5th Dynasty saw periods of prohibition of mercenaries in several baronies and systems, such as Termalaine, Rhosia, and Kroy. During the Sixth Dynasty, the Siege became a failure. Private contracting and other corporate work-arounds became widespread and organized crime and Mogul warlords took control of war profiteering. The climatic event that brought about the end of the Siege, was a failed baronial embargo against the Kalsan Citadel Kesseke. The repeal of the embargo effectively lifted the ban on the use of mercenaries.

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