Mogul Piyyat

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Published on: October 20, 2012
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A Kal Mogul noted for his strong policies against regional guerrilla groups. Piyyat recently drew intergalatic attention for his aggressive policies against neighboring smaller systems.

Mogul Bas’her Piyyat is the Baronet of Keyturas, and inherited the position from his father, in which he ran unopposed twice in elections.

While many thought his elder brother, Bah ‘sheng, would take the reigns, an early death shattered those plans, leaving Mogul Piyyat as the oldest living male in the family.

Bas ‘her had originally intended to be a doctor, and had studied pre-med at the University of Discascar Station before serving in the military as a medic. After his time there, he went to Bryttasish Space to further define his medical career as an eye doctor.

After Bah ‘sheng’s death due to flying a shuttle at high speeds through a dust storm, Bas ‘her was hastily recalled to Keytarus Space to take over his brothers positions. While still accomplished as a doctor, his brother had been well invested into the military, computer science, and anti-corruption aspects of the Keyturas Baronage.

During elections for Mogul Bas’her Piyyut, posters were seen around Keyturas reading, “Bah’Sheng, the Example: Bas’her, the Future.”

Mogul Bas’her Piyyut, Baronet of Keyturas, is currently embroiled in a civil war against rebels seeking change.

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