Earth Wars

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Published on: May 31, 2013
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Earth Wars was a revolutionary film by Mogul Gorg Sucal, which paved the road for thousands of billion-credit grossing films to come.

The plot of the film revolved around Loik Landwalker, a protein farmer on a barren moon that discovered—through his mentors and many adventures—that he was the son of a Baron who’s family had helped destroy Earth.

The first film detailed the destruction of the defense grid around Earth. Sequels detailed family strife, and the fight to re-claim Earth. A much later (and heavily criticized) prequel series detailed the life of Loik’s father, Amikin Landwalker—also known through the series as Dark Invader.

The series was praised for their special effects, and use of archaic weapons, such as steel swords, arrow-casters, and “gats.”

Due to its continued success, the series has crossed onto the small screen, literature, games, and was recently purchased by Baron Eisney for over 4 billion credits.

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