Film Committee of Kroy

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Published on: November 7, 2008
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This organization, also known as the FC of K, acts as a censor board for all films released for theater audiences in Kroy. Although it is not necessary for a film to have a rating to be shown in theaters, a non-rated film automatically receives a rating that forbids any person under eighteen from seeing the film.

The rating system uses letters and numbers to identify the proper age group for a film.

The ratings are:

E: Everyone. All subject matter suitable for all ages

NE: Not Everyone. Parents may need to explain context of subject matter, often sexual or violent.

NE-13: Not for people under thirteen. Subject matter contains possible reference or images of sexual contact, drug use, language, or violence.

A: Adult themed, though minors may attend with a guardian. Films containing strong images of sexual activity, violence, language, or drug use and this rating.

AO: Adults only. These films often portray sexual acts, and very few films gain this rating for anything other than the depiction of sexual acts.

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