Gettena Rogers

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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Captain Rogers was a career shuttle pilot who flew for the Bettencourt Barony. He graduated from the Baronial Shuttle Academy at age twenty-two and was first commissioned as a communications officer aboard /Beauty/, a Lexington Class freighter.

While he never stood out from his other officers, he was given his first command of the courier personnel transport, control of /Lauded/ before he crested age thirty-five.

As Captain Rogers career advanced, his contacts found him ever-more luxurious shuttles to command.

While the Captain never attained the pinnacle status to command a Prometheus class shuttle, he did rise high enough to command /Adore/, a Lexington class shuttle that had been heavily modified for travel through dangerous territories.

Unfortunately, Captain Rogers perished while trying to defend his crew when a pirate vessel attacked.

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