Gobain Hurt

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Published on: November 7, 2008
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Hurt Gobain was the lead signer and songwriter for the band, “Peaceful Place,” which dominated the charts in a time when many thought Rock was dead.

He had many hits in his short career, including the songs, “Stinks Like Corporate Power,” “Be As You Are,” “Mind Made Cage,” and “Baronial Tea.”

He is believed to have committed suicide during a drug induced depression, though many fans and police detectives remain doubtful, as several people have stated that his wife, musician/actress “Courtly Shove,” had offered money for his death. It is reported that he had lethal dose of narcotics in his system, as well as drugs that he had never been known to take prior.

His music is still popular with daily play on the radio, and his surviving wife recently made a deal to further promote his works. One of his songs was recently used in a film, and it appears that critics were correct, he was ahead of his time, as many musicians still try to connect with the raw energy and simple messages he lent to society.

One of his band mates, Lav Howl, currently holds a place as one of our times most popular musicians.

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