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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Laklinasi is a world on the fringe boarder of Kal Kerishim space, resting next the Ynde. While much of their population practices the Saliman Philosophy, there is a much greater acceptance of other Philosophies as they are a boarder region.

This has not made the Laklinasi people more peaceful, however, as they have threatened to go to war with the Ynde Territories several times in the past two Dynasties.

Laklinasi also shares a boarder with Aphghasia, which they have also had difficulties with. While the government of Laklinasi has helped the Military of Kroy with the Aphghasia War–after the terrorist attack of Nueb’ Yol Station–it appears that many of the citizens of Laklinasi are choosing to start their own battle.

Prior to the current wars in the Kal Kerishim Territories, Laklinasi was best known by the people of the Galaxy for the affordable knives they constructed out of Rhosian tank armor.

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