Lelm Glibsun

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Published on: July 5, 2009
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Lelm Glibsun is a Kroy superstar imbued with the accent of an Austeri male, making him one of the most desired stars in the film world.

His recent years have been spent directing historical films, which have touched upon topics such as the oppressed history of the people of Bullwinkle Station, the life of the philosophical leader Haela, and his newest delving into the dust of years past, "Endotyma," which tells the story of the fall of a once prosperous Stelan civilization.

While his is best known for his roles in the "Dangerous Device" films and the "Angry Xandar" series, he may best be remembered for his anti-Gieish sentiment, as he has clashed several times with the Gieish people over philosophical issues.

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