Louni Jep

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Published on: November 7, 2008
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Louni Jep was long known for being an “independent” film star and cult-classic favorite among young fans.

While he has long been a favorite, few studios looked at him as an actor who could attract an audience until the release of the film, “Pirates of the Cara Nebula,” which highlighted his free-range, zany acting skills.

Louni has starred in over a dozen movies, and has had several smaller parts.

He had perhaps been most known for his role in “Nedland Razor-Nails.”

Louni has also starred in, “The Bad Dream Before Saint Dead Day,” “Cocoalat,” “Tired Void,” “From Heck,” “Seeking Forever-land,” “Nilly Gonka and the Cocoalate Factory,” and his roles in the film series, “Nightmare on Oak Station.”

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