Mogul Sucal Gorege

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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Sucal Gorege is one of the few filmmakers to become a legend in his own time.

His first student film, RDCPO-223 gave him the self-determination to continue his filmmaking quest, while his first studio film, Kroy Vandalism, built him a name among peers.

It was Galaxy Battle that set him free. The first installment–in what Sucal dreamed would be nine films–blew away almost every audience member who saw it. Lines spread across blocks for months in some locations, and children across the Galaxy dreamed that they could grow up to experience the adventures lived by their fantasy heroes.

The second installment solidified the franchise, and the third film could only leave fans wanting more.

Their wait spread through the years, with only a few video games and books to tide them over. When Sucal announced that he would indeed continue the story with the prequels, fans went mad.

Now that the prequels are over–and Sucal is billions of credits richer–many wonder what direction the franchise will take. Legions of fans track the plotting of every new story released in the book and video game stories, and many fear that the new shows may let them down if quality isn’t controlled.

No matter what the future of Galaxy Battle is, the impact on history and culture cannot be doubted. Many have tried to create or follow a new Philosophy to match the ideals of their film heroes, and some governments, such as Bryttasish and Astrolian officials, have even threatened to prosecute anyone who attempts to claim “The Philosophy of Energy” as their philosophy on census records, stating “it is fictional.”

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