Nillin Seslon

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Published on: December 22, 2009
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Nillin Seslon is a folk singer who has entertained the people of the Galaxt for over Four decades.While he was unable to secure a recording contract when he first began his voyage to stardom, he had little trouble finding a career as a song-writer. His first song, "Nightime Living," is reportedly the most covered song in the genre.His performing career started when he was granted a job as a touring bassist in several bands. The songs he had written slowly pulled him out of the shadows and into the light as time progressed, and he soon started playing for himself with several small hits that led to a blooming career.His musical accomplishments have been accompanied by several small film roles, though music has always been his true passion. Nilli is also well known for his charitable and environmental concerns. He has championed Farm-Aid and bio-diesel, as well as recycling.Sadly, most people know him as an old drug addict.

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