Northern Homestead

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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Northern Homestead
Solar System Number 477.
Orbit: 4.2 SY

Northern Homestead is a small space station on the western edge of the Little River Nebula southwest of M473. Bordered by WestCrater to the north, Fineview Commons to the east, and Homestead Township on the south. The space station serves primarily as a residential outpost for larger neighboring space stations.

The space station was named after an early space pioneer named Aaron Homestead. For the next several decades the modules of the space station mostly processed and produced food like “grub disks.”

As the station flourished, it became a warehouse for plant and garden materials too.

It remained a peaceful and neighborly station until new shuttle lines were drawn through the adjacent system. Shuttle traffic increased exponentially. The Mayor of Homestead established a new Civic Shuttle Line to restore disrupted intersystem wide service. Many locals and utility Moguls opposed the new routes, but the courts upheld the lines—thereby setting a new precedent for the entire galaxy.

These days, Northern Homestead has the largest commercial zoning in the area, yet it still maintains its residential forte. Modules include pools, recreation courts and rinks, and a running track.

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