Sevet Winri

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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Sevet was one of the most loved animal researchers in the Galaxy, and his influence will live on for years to come. His short career began with his family’s business. His father owned and operated a small wildlife preserve, and put his enthusiastic son to work as soon as Sevet was allowed by law. As the years progressed, the Winri family began trapping animals to save them from humans who believed that animals had no place in the TerraBases of the Galaxy. Sevet’s career began to blossom when he was in his late twenties, when he was offered a chance to do a one-shot special for broadcast on an Astrolian broadcast channel. A producer saw his potential, and Sevet was offered his own show. The first episode of “the Animal Hunter” took place during his honeymoon to his wife, Telli, and the duo lost no momentum until their end. Sevet appeared on several other Austeri programs, and had several cameos in various films, as well as his own film, “The Animal Hunter: Crash Course.”

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