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Published on: November 13, 2008
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Space Station: WestCrater
Solar System Number: 450
Orbit In Space Years: 5

WestCrater Space Station was originally designed as a series

of affordable living modules. In its early years, its

inhabitants as well as many of its facilities closely

resembled those of North Homestead, the space station

immediately south of WestCrater. However, as the years

progressed, the rich and affluent from space stations across

the galaxy began flocking towards WestCrater as their

financial holdings increased. Construction began almost

directly afterwards, as newer, more expensive residential

modules were purchased at an increasingly rapid pace.

Currently, construction continues in West Crater as the

residents’ needs for entertainment and fitness areas continue

to increase.

In addition, one of the largest entertainment, dining, and

retail modules in WestCrater’s surrounding area recently

began operating, and is expected to increase traffic to and

from the space station tenfold.

Created by Bruce, westlake, ohio
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