With Friends Like These…

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Published on: October 19, 2012

Kroy, the self-proclaimed galactic peacekeepers, consider themselves to be the one of the great forces for diplomacy in the galaxy, but a recent struggle has given rise to serious questions.

Conflict has been brewing in Kal-Kerishim since the Skyreed Revolution.

Keyturas, a small fuel-pearl rich sector of Kal-Kerishim, has been unique in that the Revolution barely had an impact on the region. Mogul Piyyat has been able to maintain control throughout due in large part to diplomatic gridlock. Mogul Piyyat’s alliances with Rhosia and Chin were able to stabilize the system in a way that no other system had.

Now the Keyturas Mogul is at the heart of another storm. The rise of the Mogul Piyyat has ushered in aggressive changes against its problematic neighbor Arisyri. Piyyat has ordered the landing of Arisyri shuttles on courses through Keyturas planetary systems. He has ordered HALO drops of megaton explosives on planets that share the borders between the two sectors. Piyyat is unapologetic for these actions. He is trying to fight guerrilla groups like the Sanda which, like the Saliban, seek to create political change through violent insurgency.

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