Worse and Worse for Jewels

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Published on: April 1, 2011

Jewels first caught the attention of the Baronage when his organization published classified war documents. Days after the leaks made headlines, the pressure started. Jewels told members of the press that he felt like he was being targeted by the Kroy baronies and moguls.

It became clear that the Baronage was looking for a way to capture Jewels, and Kroy put pressure on Eurysan baronies to turn him over. Even as the Moguls began moving Jewels around in their borders, he had not be charged with any wrongdoing.

Jewels could not be charged with treason because he was not a Kroy citizen, and the documents were given to him so he could not be charged with stealing the classified documents. Instead the Svidge baronets called for Jewels to return to his home world for questioning in relation to a sexual assault investigation. Two Svidgish women alleged that their sexual relationships with Jewels were not consensual.

Initially Jewels presented himself to the Walbrook Baronial Officers for questioning. Jewels offered to answer more questions via videophone, but his suggestion was rejected . And once he agreed to meet with authorities, a simple questioning suddenly morphed into outright incarceration.

Jewels landed in Walbrook Prison and was held for 10 days without charges. Considered a “flight risk,” he was only released on bail on the condition that he would stay in his residence at Ellinham Station.

Jewels has been understandably paranoid about what the final act of this strange drama will bring. He has told reporters that he believes his extradition proceedings to were an attempt to get him into a jurisdiction in which to extradite him to Kroy.

It seems possible that Kroy would ask Svidge to get him legally under their control, and certainly it seems as if Kroy is putting pressure on the Eurysan and Baltan moguls. Jewels and his lawyers are still arguing whether the Svidge prosecutor had the authority to issue a Eurysan Arrest Warrant. Not to mention the fact that the allegations are flimsy at best, with documented texts from the two victims speaking of the activities as a bad consensual sex experience.

But the lack of hard evidence or jurisdiction hasn’t slowed Svinge authorities down. There has been a great campaign in the Svidge government to try to smear Jewels’ name in the press before the case goes to trial. Jewels’ lawyers have protested vehemently this week of judicial misconduct, claiming that the Svidge baronets are intentionally poisoning any potential jury pool their client could use.

Fortunately for Jewels, not everyone is buying into the claims of the Svidge baronets. There have been protests staged system-wide angrily defending Jewels ‘s imprisonment as a political move by Kroy allies. Many protestors have taken to wearing masks of the fictional hero Sedman Dantos to declare their cause while hiding their faces from government officials who may be able to identify them.

And their sense of indignant fear is understandable, considering the steamrolling Jewels is now suffering. The Walbrook judge found on all counts that he can be extradited to Svidge. Jewels and his legal team are already appealing the Bryttasish Court where the decision of extradition was made.

How long Jewels can continue to fight is uncertain. Jewels, his lawyers, and his followers will continue to fight against imprisonment. And not just because of their belief in Jewels’ innocence. They believe – and perhaps rightfully so – that having Jewels convinced and imprisoned will give the Kroy government more time to extradite him into the Kroy territories. And extradition to the Kroy could make Jewels’ current battles seem very tame indeed. For now, Jewels remains under strict bail conditions, and no date has been set for a hearing of his appeal.

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