Young, Soon to be Restless

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Published on: November 26, 2006

Youth throughout the Gothal System rebelled earlier today against the newly passed “Labor First Law,” declaring themselves to be above slave labor, and un-represented by the lawmakers who passed the “Labor First Law.”

The law grants Gothal employers the right to fire any employee under the age of 26 for any reason at any time, no matter how long they have worked for their employer, no matter what their work history is.

“I see nothing good coming from this law,” stated Ivic I’Sai of Val Station. “I graduate from my higher learning this year, and for me, a new, larger pressure is felt to succeed. This is a big problem for our youth… this is inequality. I will have to work harder than any other just to keep an entry level job, and who is to say that I will not be turned away after I am tired because there is a new employee ready to pull the yoke? There is no penalty for an employee who abuses this law.”

Politicians have cited the high unemployment numbers among the Gothal systems for the passing of the new law, and many believe that this law will inspire the youth of the system to do double-duty to maintain their pay.

“This law will give our employers the opportunity to hire youth without the fear of being stuck with dead weight,” replied one senior politician when asked to explain the law. “It is simple. Some areas—such as Cafardia, for example—have an unemployment rate of 50% among the youth population. There are people who need jobs, and there are people who are wasting space. This will free up space for people who will work, and will guarantee jobs to those who work hard.” 

While the exact number of supporters for this law is unknown, political authorities placed the number of rioters in the streets of Val Station at 250,000. Many believe that number reflects less than half of the people who turned out yesterday to support their age bracket, and reflects nothing of those too afraid to march for their rights.

“I would have been there to support the protests,” stated one young woman who wanted to remain anonymous, “but I cannot risk my student travel visa.”

Luckily, the protests were relatively peaceful. Authorities report they fired nothing more dangerous than gas and rubber bullets at the crowds, and did not do so until provoked by a crowd of 300 who instigated the assault with thrown stones. 

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